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Fantastic outdoors flying Art-Tech Genius 500 Pro Helicopter

Genius 500 is equipped with CCPM using a wonderful appearance. ART-TECH Genius 500 Pro rc helicopter is equipped with colored carbon blade ,lock tail servo and EFLY-6C 2.4GHz system. Thanks to the significant volume of out runner brushless motor,it gives adequate power. It flies stably and could do excellent 3D flight skillfully! Together with the superior efficiency within the winds, it really is very suitable for outdoor flying!

The new digital trimmer is adopted in the EFLY-6C 2.4GHz radio system which offers a much more correct trimming function.The pitch curve is programmable inside the transmitter.Extremely accurate micro digital bearing servo is with all the characteristics of fine workmanship, speedy response, tiny tolerance and higher precision. It may be utilised around the 500 class helicopter.

Genius 500 professional version is configured with color carbon blades and additionally, it has the options of fantastic technics, flamboyant colour and durable capabilities. Newly created tail rotor pitch system makes it additional accurate. Newly designed frame, far more strength, far more gorgeous. The rotor head with CCPM system to ensure that the flight is a lot more accurate and more flexible.

Additionally, this rc helicopter also using the friendly user design, specifically for its landing part. Using the sliding-resistant bush, it really is a lot easier to take off . The stable undercarriage ensure that the landing is extra less difficult for the beginner. It's well-known that take-off and landing is one of your hard part for the helicopter flight time. Soon after with such friendly user design and style, the flying is turn out to be mor effortless.

Because of the significant volume of out runner brushless motor,it provides adequate power. It flies stably and could do perfect 3D flight skillfully! Together with the great functionality inside the winds, it truly is really suitable for outside flying! Because of the huge volume of out runner brushless motor,it provides enough power. In case you don't have the sufficient big flying indoor space, this pilot also can provide you with the ideal outdoor flying feelings.

If you're going to purchase a brand new helicopter for your flying practice but never fond of your as well low-cost one, the ART-TECH Genius 500 rc helicopter is often a middle helicopter for the users, with numerous detail design and style for the beginner but in addition suitable for the expert players. So no mattery you might be the beginner or the expertise player, this helicopter could possibly be a not negative selection.

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