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Generally there happen to be a great deal of rumors which Bank of America is actually hard to be able to work with whenever it comes that would short sale. We all come with extensive experience dealing with Bank of America and also we may honestly say they've come a long means. In 2009, they were antiquated not to mention unorganized dealing with the short sale task. Newly they migrated from the aged fashion methods of fax as well as paper to be able to the electronic online method. Contrary to the particular horror stories we've heard from additional agents as well as homeowners, our experience was and has been truly positive. Uploading almost all the particular files our Bank of America negotiator requested goes a lot smoother via their on the net portal. The actual the majority of cumbersome part typically is often collecting the actual documents not to mention waiting for document collection agent in order to analyze docs. Fortunately, the document collection reps are really for the actual most part more concerned with all the clarity plus format of copies than anything else. On a few properties the asset manager did come back with a counter provide plus other individuals certainly not. We've heard that they all the time do, but yet some of us would equally such as to dispel that rumor. When the Asset manager did counter our highest provide, they were commonly rapid that would respond, and also it wasn't long before some of us had a created short sale approval within hand. The particular closing agents with Bank of America are really often furthermore pretty helpful. If needed, a extra few of days to close escrow typically is generally granted fairly quite easily from this particular closing agent. Presently the actual closing agents often call that would check throughout on things. They are generally now clearly guided from upper management to be able to expedite the particular short sale task. What impresses us the majority of was exactly how quick to be able to respond everyone was on their end. Presently we do need to point out which you have extensive experience dealing with Bank of America not to mention with all the whole short sale procedure all together. All those agents which venture into the actual realm of short sale can discover that it redefines their whole job description and even will conveniently fall victim to be able to the process. But even so, the particular reputation that they "takes forever" plus typically is "complex to be able to work with" typically is something which hasn't rung real for us, based on the countless lucrative closings we've experienced from 2010 in order to the particular present. From list date in order to closing, the entire Bank of America short sale task took with regards to 4 months. From date of submission in order to created approval, it took regarding 2 months. You kept just about every person engaged (seller, buyer's agent, buyer) with weekly updates via email. Throughout the actual whole process keeps the particular status with updates about the actual minute with all the on the net portal. They equally let buyers to be able to utilize the particular portal for seconds and also HELOCs, streamlining the particular entire short sale process. Several of previous customers may attest, it really is typically a smooth plus painless process. For more information on Short sale, refer 沖縄 不動産 競売


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